Pamela Rijo
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." ~ Confucius ~

As an Educator, I am keenly aware that each and every student has unique and various abilities, capabilities and techniques to learning. With that in mind, my goal as a teacher is to identify my student's capabilities, activate student learning, engage and maximize their abilities, in order to achieve successful outcomes.  

In addition to teaching the SC State standards for my intended courses, my daily lessons incorporate the most current, academically challenging, and relevant curriculum content available. My students learn real world topics related to the course and are challenged to apply what they have learned critically and strategically, in order to provide multiple perspectives. They are also given the opportunity to articulate themselves through class discussions, writing assignments, wikis, digital media, group and independent projects, and cumulative assessments.

These lessons empower my students to become lifelong conscious thinkers that can intellectually and effectively articulate their theories, expressions, and conclusions beyond the classroom.

It is my hope that one day, they will become the next socially responsible, leaders, executives and decision-makers of the world equipped with the knowledge and skills they inherited from Buist Academy for Advanced Learning, Excellence.