Second Grade

The fun has just begun in Second Grade! Travel with us around the world in our unit titled, Where in the World Am I?  You'll need a lot of maps, an inquiring mind and a sense of adventure!

For our next bit of fun in second grade, we will Throw Your Tooth on the Roof! Well, not literally but that IS the title of our second unit. Wondering what it's all about? You’ll be uncovering the mystery of will have to use all of the IB attitudes to figure this one out!

After our trip to the past, we will go wild…Wild About Animals that is. In our animal unit, you get to discover what it takes to be an just might want to trade in those feet for hooves, claws, or paws by the end of this unit.

After an escapade through the wild, you will put all of your heads and hands together to build a town. A teeny, tiny town in our unit fittingly titled, Tiny Town. Who will be the mayor of Tiny Town, the chief of police, the pet shop owner, the tax collector, the architect? We need roads, schools, houses, parks and much, much more! Together, we will create BIG plans for this TINY town!

If you think Tiny Town will be fun, just wait until you get to be a star! In our unit, One World, Many Stories, you get to be center stage acting out folktales from around the world. So bring your movie star quality to this unit!

Last but not least, we delve into the world of weather or better said the weather of the world in Weather or Not, It Matters. I hope you don’t mind getting messy! You will help us understand weather patterns as we experiment, observe and think critically. Second grade is a year full of learning, cooperation, inquiring, and most of all FUN!  2nd grade   2ndgrade