Foreign Language


Beginning in Kindergarten, all students take either French or Spanish. Language B classes are conducted in the target language and from 1st grade on meet 5 days a week. Language B classrooms support the transdiciplinary approach to learning. Teachers create Units that relate and add new perspective to Units of Inquiry taught in the classroom.


In grades 6, 7, and 8 (year 1, 2, 3) Language B meets 5 days a week for 50-minute segments. The course builds on the foundation established in PYP classes and like PYP, is conducted in the target language. Curriculum is predicated on National and State Standards. Standards are met through holistic learning. Language B provides the opportunity to develop skills in formal and informal communication (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Authentic materials are incorporated as much as possible to develop an intercultural awareness. High school credit is awarded upon successful completion of 8th grade.

To help your child practice for his/her language class, the department has researched and compiled a list of available resources.
New Student Resources


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