Mrs. Hedlund
Welcome to another great school year at Buist Academy. Your child is getting ready to enter his/her last year as an elementary student.  Fifth grade will be challenging, with expectations demanding, but I believe both you and your child will find it to be an enjoyable and exciting year as well.        

Your child’s primary purpose for being here is to learn, and our primary purpose as parents and teacher is to facilitate and encourage this learning. 
Fifth grade is a continuation and extension of many concepts taught in fourth grade, as well as a transitional year leading into middle school. 
One of the biggest and most important changes you will notice in this last year of elementary school is the shift of responsibility to the students. 

Throughout the school year, your child will be given tasks that encourage responsibility and independence.  Both are essential to learning.  And both will make it easier for your child to adjust to the demands of school, to get along with his classmates, teacher,and even you, the parent.  We want our children to appreciate the importance of being responsible.  We also want them to develop the habits and strength to act this way in their everyday lives. 

With your support, I hope to help your child grow throughout the school year as an independent learner and thinker, to have confidence in himself, and to be committed.  The goal is to create not only good students, but students who take charge of their learning.