Fifth Grade

Welcome to fifth grade at Buist Academy, your last year as an elementary school student!  We have an exciting year planned, filled with fun activities and great learning experiences, one that you are sure to enjoy! 

Some of our favorite IB units include Far and Away, where you will experience first-hand what it means to be an immigrant, from planning what you will take on your journey to writing diary entries of your experience.  The Road Not Taken, a favorite among many fifth graders, dives into the world of poetry.  You will enter the dark and mysterious minds of many famous poets, read their poetry, and create poetry of your own.  During Invention Dimension, you will research famous inventors and their inventions.  You will even create an invention of your own!  Then enter the Roaring 20s with our Rhapsody in Blue unit, where flappers and gangsters are the cat's meow! 

Each fifth grader is also expected to participate in Exhibition.  Exhibition is an inquiry study that involves students researching a real-problem or concern and then developing a creative solution to the problem.  Exhibition takes place February through May, with weekly meetings, a community visit, and a final project at the end.  

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